Spring greetings from the Supported Retirement group! At the time of this writing, it has a long way to go!

Our March was very busy. We went bowling, made cat toys for the Humane Society, volunteered at The Food Bank (we filled approximately 250 jars with split peas in 45 minutes)! We had a visit from 3 Saskatchewan Roughriders to play board games with us (fun times!), went to Western Pizza and Northgate Mall for breakfasts.

April will also be full. With Easter coming, we will be decorating eggs. We will be playing bingo, helping John clean around the center (followed by a hot dog or two!), and breakfast at both The Dome Restaurant at the Legislative Building and Northgate.

Personally, I would like to share the following message.

We all came to know Joseph Krassman as “Sonny” – and it was an appropriate nickname for him as it was his “Sunny” disposition that we came to appreciate the most.

Sonny has left us to live at Sunset Extendicare and leaves us with a host of mannerisms and memories that will bring smiles to most of us for months and years to come.

During the weekly dances, his presence was always marked with infectious laughter ringing loudly throughout the auditorium – usually heard above the music – and his trademark gesture of shaking the dancers hands as they crossed the floor – though as time passed he needed a walker for stability and couldn’t dance himself, it didn’t prevent him from encouraging the band to play “a damn good polka” (which is probably good advice for any dance band!)

Sonny’s world was full of friends at the center, and he always extended a greeting of “I know you” to both those he was close to and strangers as well. His “ho-ho-ho”s were also frequent regardless of the time of year. He is a happy soul.

He is deeply missed by his companions in the Supported Retirement Program. He was an active participant in the Thursday morning group and all its activities. Sonny is truly a one-of-a-kind character who made those around him feel comfortable and better just by being in his presence.

Sonny is happy in his new home but dearly missed by all of us who are fortunate to have known him in his long tenure in the Supporting Retirement Program. We all wish him many happy years in the next chapter of his life at Sunset.

All the best Sonny!