Our Journey So Far

It has been a productive and exciting year for the Next Chapter Book Club.

Our goal for the year was to expand the program and to create more community awareness.

We began by starting a Facebook page to share our ongoing activity and create interest using a new method.  We also reached out by distributing posters to libraries, schools, and bookstores.  In May, we increased our membership by establishing a new book club at new local café. In October, our program coordinator, 2 volunteer facilitators, and 4 book club members traveled to Chicago to attend the first conference on adult literacy in Chicago called The Next Chapter Book Club and Beyond. The conference allowed us to share what we have been achieving in our community and also helped affirm what it means to create a supportive and inclusive environment.

This year, NCBC launched our first fundraising project where we commissioned a local artist to create illustrations for a story written by one of our book club members. Along with the story titled, The Next Chapter, we also sold t-shirts to promote NCBC in the community. This fundraising project gave us the opportunity to appear on CTV Morning Live and CTV News at Noon to gain awareness for the program. The Next Chapter Book Club was also featured on the CBC’s morning radio show where members shared their thoughts and feelings about being in a book club.

CBC The Morning Edition Sask – The Next Chapter Book Club

With the added exposure, we were able to fill 3 volunteer facilitator positions and we are already looking into the possibility of starting another book club in January.  The Next Chapter Book Club is growing; we have seen reading improvements from many of our members, as well as increased social connection and community inclusion.  The Next Chapter Book Club has made an impact on the lives of the individuals involved and has also impacted the community. We are excited to continue to grow and develop the program in the New Year.

Eve Reed – NCBC Coordinator

Eve Reed & Nicole Behr

Eve Reed & Nicole Behr

You're awesome

Jack’s Heat

Have an extra 15 minutes today?  Need a smile on your face this Sunday afternoon?  Want to feel inspired?  Then you have to watch this story about Jack and his teammates.  I think it is extremely important to share stories like these, not only because they are heart warming, but also because the more people that recognize what being inclusive looks like the more people will attempt to create these inclusive environments.  Let’s make these stories ordinary instead of extraordinary so that one day everyone can gain the confidence that Jack gained and feel those moments of joy and belonging.

Congratulations Jesse!

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the technology survey.  As promised, a winner of an iPad mini was picked.  Congratulations to Jesse McGowan!

Jesse had the chance to pick up his brand new iPad from the RDACL office today and was over joyed at being chosen as the winner!  Jesse, an avid music lover, is going to fill his iPad with all of his favourite songs and cannot wait to be able to listen to them!  Jesse is also apart of our Next Chapter Book Club programs and is excited to bring it with him so that he can look up meanings of words, pictures, and even have the e-book on his iPad if he can!  The first thing Jesse was going to do is get his team leader Matt to help him set up his email, teach him how to send text messages and take pictures!

Have fun!


Good Food for a Good Cause

The fourth annual Lobster Fest is just around the corner!

Flown in fresh from Nova Scotia.

Limited number of tickets!

All proceeds will support the ongoing programs of the Regina & District Association for Community Living.

To purchase tickets contact, or call the office at 306-790-5680

Wanted: Awesome people making a difference!

The Inclusion Awards recognize individuals and organizations that increase opportunities for community members who have an intellectual disability to contribute in a real and meaningful way to life in our society.  We need your help finding those people!  Please take a few minutes to fill out our nominations form so we can recognize the people who make our community better!

Check out the following awards and see if there is someone you know who fits the description!  Nomination form is below.

Real Work Award

Is given to employers who have employed persons who have an intellectual disability, have a positive attitude and willingness to provide appropriate supports, and promote inclusive employment practices.

Citizenship Award

is given to an individual or an organization for specific contributions that have demonstrated a positive impact on the lives of persons who have an intellectual disability.

Community Award

Is given to an individual or an organization for significant efforts to create greater awareness, acceptance, and understanding of persons with an intellectual disability.

Distinguished Membership Award

is given to an individual who has made a sustained commitment with demonstrated positive impact on the lives of persons with an intellectual disability.


Best Buddies Reviews East Side Marios

We know it’s April and Best Buddies month was in March but here the RDACL we just can’t get enough of Best Buddies!  We are going to feature each restaurant that helped us out with our March fundraiser: A Toast to Friendship. Our first restaurant to be featured is:

East Side Marios
2060 Prince of Wales Drive
(306) 775-2525

The buddy pair was given an East Side Marios gift card and a set of questions to answer during their meal… here’s what they came up with!  A huge thank you goes out to East Side Marios for supporting Best Buddies!East Side Marios Food Review

Keep it Simple, Start With Hi

I have always been a firm believer that simple is usually better.  Why make things convoluted, complicated, and intimidating when they are really quite simple? So for me, being an advocate is simple.  Being an advocate doesn’t have to mean planning elaborate fundraisers, sitting through long meetings, or volunteering vast amounts of your time.  To me, being an advocate is simple. That is why I love Community Living BC’s new initiative called Start With Hi

This initiative interviewed six different individuals who all had different reasons of why feeling comfortable in their community is important.  To see the six individual videos please check out the website here.

To get an overview of what this initiative is all about please take a minute to watch the video below and then next time you’re out in the community where you might not know someone, start with hi!