Let’s talk about safety online …

Let’s talk about being safe online …

In today’s world, community doesn’t just extend out your front door and into the streets of your town or city.  Today, community also extends through your computer screen and into the online world.  That being said, in today’s world being online is now an important part of feeling included in your own community and the world.

There are many things today that happen online that are starting to happen less and less offline.  Some of these things include sharing photos, communicating through email or instant messaging, making connections through social media sites, researching topics of interest, and keeping up to date with news and current events.  These are all major aspects to feeling connected to your community and your world.

Regardless if you have an intellectual disability or not, when you are new to being online it can be intimidating or scary. We could all use a few pointers to help us navigate the internet better.

So if you are new to the internet or even if you’re not, here is one of the videos from:


Check out the full website to see all 8 videos and other tips for staying safe online. It is definitely worth a look!


For more videos and tips check out their website at:



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