Election SK

Accessible Voting

Elections Saskatchewan is committed to provide accessible voting for our provincial election on April 4, 2016.


Great Food for A Good Cause

The sixth annual Lobster Fest is just around the corner!
All lobsters are flown in fresh from Nova Scotia.

Limited number of tickets!

All proceeds will support the ongoing programs of the Inclusion Regina (Formerly known as Regina & District Association for Community Living).

To purchase tickets contact, or call the office at 306-790-5680

$25 of the adult ticket is tax deductible.



Regina Multifaith Forum

The Young Award 2014

You're awesome

Jack’s Heat

Have an extra 15 minutes today?  Need a smile on your face this Sunday afternoon?  Want to feel inspired?  Then you have to watch this story about Jack and his teammates.  I think it is extremely important to share stories like these, not only because they are heart warming, but also because the more people that recognize what being inclusive looks like the more people will attempt to create these inclusive environments.  Let’s make these stories ordinary instead of extraordinary so that one day everyone can gain the confidence that Jack gained and feel those moments of joy and belonging.

Sasktel announces $500,000 in support of community living

We are very pleased to share with you that as of February 26th, SaskTel has received approval from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to allocate its entire deferral account of $1.54M to fund initiatives that improve the accessibility of telecommunications to persons with disabilities.  Half of this amount will be allocated to the RDACL.

The RDACL is extremely grateful and excited to work together with members of SaskTel and groups throughout Saskatchewan on this project.  On behalf of the board, a huge thank you is extended to all of those instrumental in making this a possibility for the RDACL.  We look forward to the next three years and are excited to get to work!






For the full copy PDF version of the press release please click here:

Sasktel Press Release

Keep it Simple, Start With Hi

I have always been a firm believer that simple is usually better.  Why make things convoluted, complicated, and intimidating when they are really quite simple? So for me, being an advocate is simple.  Being an advocate doesn’t have to mean planning elaborate fundraisers, sitting through long meetings, or volunteering vast amounts of your time.  To me, being an advocate is simple. That is why I love Community Living BC’s new initiative called Start With Hi

This initiative interviewed six different individuals who all had different reasons of why feeling comfortable in their community is important.  To see the six individual videos please check out the website here.

To get an overview of what this initiative is all about please take a minute to watch the video below and then next time you’re out in the community where you might not know someone, start with hi!